Saturday, April 15, 2006


perfect cup of coffee:
or darn near it.

Must haves- melitta filter and cone device.
really hot water - good beans, ground fine.
Time, patience, and a bible verse.

As I was making this mornings brew I thought of how its hard for me to WAIT for anything. Even the water dripping through the Kona seems to take a long time. There is no way to force it, though and there is always something I can be doing as I wait. I need more quiet time inside of me, meditation like, and a verse of scripture usually helps me get there.
I had a nice walk with a dog this morning watching the sun brighten the sky and burn the mist off the higher ground as it unfolded a brilliant spring day to follow the drab rain of last afternoon and the cold wind that howled last night. This could be a good day! Praise God. Posted by Picasa


Joe said...

If you would, please email me a cup of that coffee.

Have a blessed Resurrection Sunday!

margalit said...

I use a French Press coffee maker to make my morning cuppa. Have you ever tried one? If you have instant boiling water or have a instant boiling teapot, you can make coffee so fast you barely wait at all. Just put in the grounds, pour water over them, put in the plunger and wait for it to brew for a couple of minutes. Nice strong hot coffee and what a difference between pressed and brewed coffee!

Here via Michele

DeeJay said...

Peaceful times are good for the soul. Go for it as often as possible.

Barbara said...

Happy Easter! Hope you have a glorious day!

Anonymous said...

Happy Easter!

surcie said...

I'm not much of a coffee drinker, but that looks yummy--caramel colored with delicate swirl. Happy Easter, David!