Saturday, April 29, 2006

on the way to the desert

i just snapped out my car window
and caught this
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Ivy said...

HI! Here via Michele today..

I remember seeing a scene like that when I was a kid and traveled to West texas..

Great Picture!

ardi k said...

like entities
from another planet
coming over
the ridge
but there is hope
there's light
sorta spooky
yet serene

i love it

Nettie said...

Man, I never get shots as good as those when I'm driving.

Barbara said...


OldOldLady Of The Hills said...

Beautiful picture, David. I love the desert...the colors their on the mountains; the shadows and the shadings as the time of day moves along....BEAUTIFUL!
Here from Michele tonight!

Joe said...

Well done!

It is good that you were ready to snap!

TNChick said...

Look. No snow!

Jayleigh said...

So beautiful!!

DeeJay said...

Way cool snap.

Anonymous said...

Very very beautiful!

Barbara said...

Thanks for playing in the Blog Olympics Training Camp and congratulations on your silver medal. I've posted the overall standings.