Thursday, April 20, 2006

Happy thursday

I am going to have a great day - - - because:
1 I have a friend
2 I sleep well even if not very long
3 work is abundant
4 spring weather is finally here
5 my mom is in good health
6 the smelly carpet I tear out today will be gone forever
7 the cats that ruined it can be retrained ( yeah right!)
8 the dear lady I am working for is a gem
9 I wont have to buy gas today ( yesterdays consumption was $50.00)
10 I am free from drug and alcohol addiction (25 yrs)
11 I still get to have an occassional cigar ( seegar) !
12 there this weird stuff in my bank account, I think they call it money
13 it won't gather any dust!

Bless you all

weird peirced picture had to go, he creeped me out, and my friend.


TNChick said...

Many reasons to be thankful today. happy Thursday.

Bar Bar A said...

thanks for taking that creepy scary picture down

Carol said...

Those are great 13's. I think that if it wasn't for #10, some of the others wouldn't be possible.

Joe said...

We don't miss the pierced guy!

Way to count your blessings!

Theospeak1 said...

I wish I could still have cigars! I'm still in my 30's but I can't have stimulants as of last year(including nicotine) because they cause my heart to beat irregularly. Please enjoy a Macanudo for me sometime under the stars with a friend... I'll enjoy it vicariously!