Monday, April 10, 2006


Sorry, I had an OFF weekend, so I did not post any of the interesting stuff going through my head.
If I had it would have been about: BANGERS!

my new food obsession - is with fine british sausages available at my local super market.

had them for Saturday dinner and Sunday lunch,
and I still crave them monday Morning


Jayleigh said...

Sounds lish-dishious.

Plumkrazzee said...

I hate sausage. And Jell-O. And, no, the black boxes cannot be made smaller, they are for your protection.

Joe said...

So tell us, O Hungry One, what makes them so good?

Nettie said...

D'you like the German kind?

atpanda said...

I lived in England for a while laslt year and I ate a lot of bangers and mash. Mostly because at least I knew what it was. When you go to a country where they have things like 'blood sausage' on the menu, you stick to what you know. :-)

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