Sunday, March 12, 2006

man's best friend

that is man's best friend after woman
and only on a day like this
2 to three feet of snow dumped on us!
my aching back! Posted by Picasa


WendyWings said...

Wow look at all that white stuff, something we NEVER have where I am lol.
Michele sent me today.

The Torch Singer said...

HI David,

Michele sent me.....

NYC had a dumping like that a few weeks ago and I am told we have some more coming our way on Friday!

colleen said...

That is a angel in the beach sand compared to this!

I'm actually at 3,500 ft in the Blue Ridge Mountains but we just came from camping in the lowlands.

I'll come back later when I'm more awake!

Tony Myles said...

You know it... I hate shovels.

Abandoned in Pasadena said...

Wow...what a snowfall. We had two snows this winter, very unusual for us. I heard of your snowfall and had to come over and check it out.

At least you got to use your brother, Tomas has a virgin snowblower that he bought last year after a deep snow...but he has never used snow. Very nice pictures.

Kerri said...

Thanks for visiting David. You certainly got a lot of snow dumped on you! We plow our driveway with a tractor. Easier than shoveling! :) We're having miserable weather here today...snowing and blowing up a storm. Schools in our area are closed.
I love the name 'Sugarloaf Mountain'.