Saturday, March 25, 2006

i like this pic

its southern calif
in a nutshell
streets - lots of them
orange trees, less of them every day.
distortion and blurry-ness
caused by going too fast

then in the distance majestic snow capped mountains that hardly anyone goes to ( thank GOD!)
and crystal blue skies.

can some photo expert tell me why thjings are bent in this shot? ( yellow lines and light pole)

can ANYONE tell me why people live in tract houses????? uggh Posted by Picasa


Dave said...

Here from Michele's today. It's the lens that is distorting the image along with the forward motion I guess.

ribbiticus said...

maybe it things are bent in the picture because of the vehicles whizzing by? lol! great shot nonetheless. what a beautiful panorama! :)

Im Chele In [dot] LA said...

yeah why are things bent..
Over from the other Michele's

byHisgracealone said...

Have no answers to your questions, but I do remember the crystal blue skies of california...and the snow capped mountains. A beautiful site indeed!

God Bless

Anonymous said...

Thanks for visiting my Blog. We live closer than you would probably imagine.

Was a windy day?

Malinda777 said...

Nice photo. I get your thoughts on how nice it would be without all the city stuff, like poles, life, and anything but just the nature.

Here from Michele

Nettie said...

Dunno why the bend, but it looks kinda cool.

Bar Bar A said...

this looks familiar

hope you are well

Shelley said...

maybe it's the type of lens you are using...or maybe from taking it through a window, if in fact you are taking the pic through a window (the glass from the window might be distorting it)...not sure, just a couple of guesses though.

Joe said...

As to the curved lines:

See, when you factor in the Paralax and the circumvention of the port of view, the illuninescence of the light rays form astigmatic responses in the iral aperture of the digital aparatus.

Can you tell that I don't know?

But it is, nevertheless, a great photo.

Carmi said...

The bent lines are a direct result of the short focal length of the lens used for this shot. Wide-angle lenses - or zoom lenses approaching the widest angle that they are capable of using - will typically distort the perspective of the image. Straight lines will bow out.

To correct this and still have a similar coverage of a shot, back up, then zoom in a bit. That'll equalize the lines a touch.

A neat trick is to take zoomed-out pictures of a person's face from pretty close in. The distortion makes the nose appear much larger than it really is. The more familiar you become with the effect, the more fun you can have with composition.

(Sorry for the detail...years of mucking up photos before finally figuring it out will do that to a guy!)