Sunday, February 05, 2006

wow - THAT was cool

When I said a me day, I meant it.
It went so well, I cleaned enough of my loft to build new shelf units I need so badly.
( No furniture of any significant size fits up the stairs, so I must build in place. )
Some day I will tell you all about it with pictures.
I washed the car, since we don't seem to be expecting rain, and I was going out on a date.

I scared my daughter by telling her I MIGHT get a device to monitor and control all internet access ( except MINE!)
I saw some incredible beauty at the Art gallery and I think today between church and that dumb football game I will build a stereo and album center so I can get my old scratchy Albums out and Rock around the clock.
( while I blog)
I am smiling, can you hear it?

----- Update after Seahawks flub the big game------------

I am starting my two loft projects

1. wall of pictures, my family and kids from the last 20 years ( or more)
2. a pin placement map for bloggers I read and who read me.
I would appreciate your help - send city state info to me at my email
Brilheaint at Yahoo dot com so i can push a pin in to represent you.
My goal is 100 pins, the I will take a picture and post it here.

Please email prayers, prayer requests, and funny things about yourself for me to include
in the note I place with your pin. all information will only be used by me, for me, because its still all about me.
For every pin I place Bill Gates will send you a piece of moldy cheese.
Don't break the chain, or you will have a broken chain.


puremood said...

We need to wash our truck - and the car...

You had a date?! Oh!

Lisa said...

yes, you can very definitely hear it! Sounds like a great day!

Carol said...

Hey David,
Can you meet me at my place on March 10, 2005? I gotta job for you.

puremood said...

U know I'm near Nashville... I think. LOL You should...

Joe said...

Moldy cheese! Alright!

David said...

joe I gggled Moldy cheese and got Lehigh acres, is that right?

Lisa, please wake up!
Carol, as stated in the Blogger bylaws, no blogger may cross international boundaries with intention of doing any work at all.

PM - I found you and placed your pin

i put one in for Rejoyce too

Jodes said...

great weekend you had.

Anonymous said...

I'm in Grand Rapids, Michigan... Hold your right hand up palm facing you. I'm in the fatty pad on the bottom left of your palm... just about to the crease that extends off your hand.... We're not right on the water but only about 30 minutes away!

Carol said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Carol said...

Hey David,
Okay, cancel that job. I don't want to wreck my criminal free record.
I'll catch you later...

Running2Ks said...

I love your project. You can add me--well, you know where I am. I add prayers and happiness and joy to my FREE DAVEY favorite preserve-maker :)

Barbara said...

David - You know where I live, that's the scary part! i'm thinking of starting some Blog Olympics training camps. You in?

Rauf said...

Most satisfying, most rewarding,
A smile after the job is done.

Anonymous said...

Wow, I really could hear you smiling in this post! Made me smile too. :-D