Sunday, January 08, 2006

top ten "kitchen" things about me

Kitchen is my favorite space, from there comes food and warmth.
Ok the computer gives off warmth, but I can't eat your blogs (yet).

I love to cook, bake, can fruit. But I can't Can love, it has to be delivered fresh.
The computer can deliver love, but only the freeze dried variety ((( hugs ))).

I believe that a busy kitchen is a happy kitchen
and its happier if there are two people working in it in harmony.

I have designed and built several kitchen areas, but never lived in any of them.
I never designed a computer, and had barbara from NY design my blog template.
High fives and (((hugs))) to Barbara.

I strongly believe the man is in charge of the kitchen,
If he is smart he will delegate almost everything.

In order to avoid food poisoning or any other kind of poisoning
he should keep the dish washing job to himself.

It is very important that the kitchen countertops be solid and at the proper height.
I have heard this said, but do not know what it means, really. I build mine from concrete at 37 1/2 inches from the floor.

When a recipe calls for a "dash of love", be careful how literally you take that.
as a friend of mine says, "Stay off the stove if you can't stand the heat!"
She says lots of things. I only listen part of the time.

I can do a DISH or a casserole, or grill any beast or foul or fish, but the hard thing for me to do is to get a lot of items all balanced and prepared and served at the same time. I am working on this.

This post was hard to write, and even more so balancing a plate of ten grain pancakes on my lap. I hope it is easier to read and inspires someone somewhere to get creative in the kitchen. Cook up something yummy, then tell us about it ( below) or not!


Marcia said...


That makes me wish I hadn't yelled at my husband for getting in my way last night just as I was finishing up dinner!

Here from Michele's...

mar said...

Entertaining post. But I am the one doing dishes (well, the dishwasher is but you get the idea) since my husband does the cooking. here via Michele's. I like your new template!

Kat said...

Did you have to go and bring up pancakes? I am meeting a girlfriend for brunch but I have to wait for her to sleep off her hangover first! I'm hungry!

Carmi said...

You've forced me to look at my own kitchen in a new light. Wish I had read this BEFORE I unloaded the dishwasher :)

Seriously, your blog is an absolute delight. I love your observations.

Carolyn said...

Hi, I'm new here but I can't recall how I got here, lol! Not from Michele's though, I don't believe ;)

Like you, I love to cook certain types of foods, but when cooking a meal I can't get it all to get done at the same time. I usually remember something at the last minute that I forgot to put on the stove.

You have a very nice blog. Love the name of it-- makes me want to bake a sugarloaf ;)

Juggling Mother said...

Very good. But you're the second person who has virtually eaten pancakes in front of me now! I may have to heave myself off the sofa & go make some for myself - I've got a half bottle of maple syrup to use up too:-)

Here from me, no assistance required:-)

Barbara said...

I hope you like the new layout. I had fun making it.

Dave said...

Hi popped in from Michele's this evening.

Jayleigh said...

I'm making lasagna and brownies and grilled cheese tonight for a buffet of (odd) sorts tonight.

:-) Love you, friend!

Carol said...

Yeah, the new look is great.

Snaggle Tooth said...

Nice job Babara did. Loads better than the old template.

Think since I'm only 60 inches tall that your counters might be problematic for me... stretch-

I spent all week eating the chicken Chow Mein I made with Chix juice, breast meat, Bean sprouts, Bamboo shoots, Water Chestnuts, onions, n noodles of course. Also have homemade rolls I like to dip in.
I have Homemade toffee candy with walnuts n dark chocolate for desert.

Joe said...

The new look is GREAT!

I, too, love to cook and love the kitchen.

Good illustration!