Monday, December 19, 2005

I can't write about it here

There are some things that don't go in a blog.
I realize some bloggers don't sense this or abide by rules of common decency, but I have a resistance to sharing intimate family matters, tales from the toilet, and gross out scenes ( even though they make big money for CBS's CSI, which I will watch if I am placed near a TV set.

So this thing happened, and it was me, involved in it.
It involved all the elements of good TV : Pain. Blood, screaming accusations, and severe tugging at the heart strings. I am sick from it, yet can not talk about it. It is the Holiday gift from Hell.

Now that its over ( i think - I hope) I just need to focus on getting somethings done this week.
No,I have not shopped yet, I am still putting that off, for at least three reasons.
I did go into a Walmart last week and was appalled at the humanity ( ha) around me. When did the world turn into Montel 'out takes'? I am not 'good looking' by current standards and should keep my mouth shut about others, but I won't. The UglyAmerican has reached our shores! I have met the enemy, and he is us! I love my family and children even more for seeing that they can speak properly, know not to go out in their underwear, and are not big fat overfed slobs.

well, you can tell I am in a fine mood


J. Andrew Lockhart said...

Don't feel bad - I haven't shopped yet either. Wal-Mart reminds me of "Road Warriors" --- ho ho ho
Andrew :)

Using up the words.... said...

Hope that it is all over, and you are doing better. I know what you mean about humanity, and it's ugliness when it comes to the Christmas season.
So, praying that you find the quiet times to hit the stores, and that the perfect presents are just waiting for you at the awesome sale prices. hehehe.

Be blessed!

Veronika said...

I can't even fathom going to the stores right now! I'm sure it's a zoo out there :)

mreddie said...

There may be a shopping trip in my future but it will have to wait until after the first of the year. ec

sister celtic said...

I always think of the book "The Joyful Christian" by C.S. Lewis, when it comes to the commercial Christmas jazz.. ugh..check it out at the library if you can.. the chap. is called Christmas vs. X-mas.. the other chap. in the book which is one of my most used analogys is "Intercourse In the Afterlife" those 2 chaps are worth the read.. it will definetly be something that will stick in your mind ....

Joe said...

I was there (though not really at the same one you were at...unless you came to Southwest Florida), and I saw the same people you did!

What a zoo!

OldOldLady Of The Hills said...

Sorry you are goingbthrough many hellish things..Wish yoy could share them cause it might make you feel better...

About shopping: Is Walmart your only option?? Or is everything like Walmart now, anyway? I ask because I am unable to go to stores and do all my shopping on line...Oh The True Humanity Of That! (lol)...I know it's probably too late for that now David, but it's something to consider for next year..when,YOU KNOW, things will be even worse than they are now!

David said...

all commenters: thank you for caring and getting past my crappy mood.
jal - ho ho ho yourself!
CJ: this may be the second year I just skip the whole thing
its worse than a zoo veronika, at the zoo they have cages and feeding schedules!
Sister: i will read that book he is one of my fav's
Joe: i am sure it was their relatives.
OOLady: walmart is never an option I went their for bird food for my love bird, Mango, who sings for me.
I might just give cash ( the kids know what to do with that.)

Joyce said...

Wow, David, so sorry things are not going well. Wish I could help. I know I'm crazy, but I LOVE shopping this time of year...I whistle, help people find things, and let people in line ahead of me. It's interesting to watch their reactions!!
May you find comfort and peace in His arms.

David said...

Joyce you are more than crazy - your sickness is well advanced and may be beyond remedy, I will pray for you.

Crystal said...

self-censorship is a necessary evil. but i hope all is better!

Snaggle Tooth said...

I'm NOT shopping at all this year, n you are absolutely right!

There're accidents several times a day now on "the strip" where wally World is... don't even wanna go get my meds...

Aren't we all under enough pressure surviving?