Friday, November 18, 2005

Word verification is now 'passe'

I am so glad that we all used Word Verification to stop the ugly nasty rude spammers in their tracks.
It seems to have worked.
Therefore I took mine off and I am happy to report that the evil bots are very seldom at my site now,I may have to delete one "comment' every three days.
Maybe its because my blog is so hidden from view.
Anyway I just wanted to say that if you want- you can cancel Word Verification
and delete the spam as it comes in.
My eyes can hardly read those fonts and I always make mistakes.

OBTW, whatever happened to the "anti-spam" legislation? what a great law that is!
I get more now than ever and it still gets through my filters.
JUNO is pathetic.

todays word of the day APPLES golden delicious - stewing into applesauce!


Veronika said...

I know what you mean about that nasty spam. I've installed haloscan and it makes it so easy -

OldOldLady Of The Hills said...

Hi THere...
I am afraid to comment on this SPAM stuff for fear it will come down on me like a heavy rainstorm! (lol)..but, I have the same problem as you..I find the WV hard to read and make mistakes ALL the time...I thought it was just I feel better that there are others out there having similar problems...but, having said that, I'd rather have it be there than not. So, that's what makes horse racing...yes?

Me said...


I admit, every time I see junk cyber stuff called SPAM, I just laugh!!! It's the whole Monty Python thing I've got going on, I guess! :o)

I've been fortunate not to get very much at my place.. when I did get a couple of things, I turned on the WV.. nothing bad since!

Dak-Ind said...

ohhhh yum on the stewing into applesauce, there is little better than brandy and warm applesauce on a snowy day. i am so fed up with the spammers. i use yahoo for email and my bulk mail inbox regularly receives 2k spam messages per day, and until i started word verification i could get as many as 6 or 7 spam "comments" on a single post, within 5 minutes of posting.

RC said...

I don't get that much Spam anymore since I use Movable Type Blacklist and MT Close on ym blog, so I don't have to go to a crazy house now, because I'm not going nuts anymore, but I still eat Planters.

Hi, Michele sent me.

Have a nice weekend, David!

margalit said...

I'm not turning my verification off, I get too many hits these days.

Michele sent me.

Laurie said...

When the f word gets through my email spam filter, I know that it's worthless. I just use the delete key over and over and over.

I've gotten where I don't mind the word verification, although it's good to hear that it's gotten better.

I'm here from Michele's!

ribbiticus said...

hi! haloscan works for me, too. you may want to try that as well to eliminate the effort of deleting the occasional unwarranted spam. :)

Bar Bar A said...

Last time you said that I took mine off and got a bunch of nasty junk! But since I trust you so much that I will do it again. You better be right this time.