Sunday, November 13, 2005


today was a really nice day
quite simply - simple joys that when combined equal
a good life.
Moving, uggh!
but had a friend and my son to help me, whoopee
made my sausage and egg breakfast AND Jared was here to share it with me.

Hannah worked at the deli early Uggh! and then had a few friends over the rest of the afternoon and they played for a long time, had pizza, and were just pleasant to behold. Nice kids! Yay!

Talked to a friend for a while on the phone, then went late to pick up the truck I am borrowing ( THANK YOU, Gail!) and got one more load in the trailer and home at midnight. Now I'm pretty tired so off to bed, or to sleep on the floor----


ribbiticus said...

what a tiring day you seem to have had. good thing your son was with you to help.

visiting via michele. :)

Joe said...

Moving is tiring.

I have moved over 30 times in my lifetime.

If I never move again it will be too soon.

Get some rest!

Sandy said...

Simple joys are the best joys.

Lots of luck moving. While I loved acquiring a house, I hated the moving part. ;)

mw said...

It sounds like a satisfying day - which did you choose - floor or bed? Michele drove me here...


OldOldLady Of The Hills said...

Hi Dave,
THanks for stopping by my blog...I hope ytou get some rest..Moving is soooo hard in every respect! Are you almost done now? I hope so for your sake!(lol)

Jayleigh said...

do not sleep on that carpet!!!!!!