Wednesday, November 16, 2005

a satellite view for you

Google maps has a pretty good view of Sugarloaf and our mountains. give it a try!

If you look real close you will see a mother eating dinner at the table
with her darling daughter. She cooked pasta and made a simple sauce,
The daughter rinsed some greens for a salad. Her dad cooked chicken on the BBQ and it was all so yummy! This is perhaps the first time all three have had dinner together in nine years. I can't quite get my mind around it myself, but there it is. A pleasing sight, and I feel proud to have instigated a move that can bring more peace, more love into the young lady's life.
Next step: family thanksgiving.

Third night in the loft: its cold but I am piling on blankets and enjoying having the sunrise wake me up at a few minutes after six.

Today's amazing forage find - a tree had shed all its pears and they were in good enough shape to save. Maybe fifty pounds of them. I canned two quarts tonight as a trial run - unbelievable flavor, now I am searching for pear recipes. Have you got a good one? anything suitable to Thanksgiving?


Me said...

Here's one which uses turkey...

There's oodles of pear recipes here, David.. might help you!

Hope your canning goes well... nothing like preserving your own food, is there. :o)

David said...

Me - I am so THANKful for your comment. I am off to check it out.
100 ponds of pears requires swift action.

Veronika said...

Mmmm pears. I haven't had a pear since I lived in CA. I don't have any recipes that call for pears, but your dinner and evening sounded quite nice :)

Veronika said...

P.S. You're only 7 hours and 38 minutes away from where my mom lives! She retired and moved up to Groveland. We (my sisters and I) were raised in the Bay Area.

lady_wisdom said...

David, Have you ever made pear sauce? Just like apple sauce, only with pears. Sometimes I add a little maple syrup and cinnamon and lemon juice or citric acid or vitamin c (to keep it from browning). Pear sauce is wonderful if you've never had it. And you don't have to peel them, just core them. Happy cooking!