Thursday, November 10, 2005

Out with the old....

and in with ANYTHING!

we are tossing this carpet from my new PAD.
you think of a name for the color, and post a comment; Give the date you think it was produced. Three winners will get a 3"X5" piece in the mail as a postcard. If you already have this in your "pad" I will send you my condolences. It is UGLY, dirty and was put here so long ago that the installer SEWED it at the seams!

I begin to make myself a room, a place, a kingdom in this corner of the blogosphere!
It's gonna be great. Posted by Picasa


Jayleigh said...

Frozen Margaritas.


Peace Deude.

Texasgal said...

Grub worms compete?


(Don't worry about sending a prize my way!)

Using up the words.... said...

I'm going "Tutti Fruitti"


How is the new place now? I know that you'll turn it into something special. :)

Debi said...

Gosh, what's wrong with this carpet? It looks just like the carpet in my house. I am guessing 1966 and the color is moss green

Joyce said...

I'm not even going to hazard a guess--lest I win a postcard size piece of this "carpet"!! :)

Glad that you're getting things under control in your new place. It's always lots of work, but fun, too.

Carmi said...

Hangover vomit.

Michele sent me. Thanks for the tummy-hurting laugh. This is great!

lady_wisdom said...

1974. Maggot Mixer (color)? Honestly, don't those little white ones look like maggots?

Jayleigh said...

LW I agree with you.

I also think it could be moldy Rice-a-Roni.