Tuesday, November 15, 2005

Monday was moving

Yeah Moving.
packing, throwing away, carrying, throwing out more, and then cleaning
Oh yes and painting ( one of my least favorite things)
But - its getting done.
and I'm getting fried.
Work is backing up, yet I will deal with that somehow.

I have two terrific ideas for my loft room:
First is a picture wall, a collage of my life and my children's and friend's faces
and beautiful places we have been.
The other is a world map where I can place pins to
signify my blog friends and others who I wish to stay in contact with and to pray for.
I love our globe, and if I can't see more of it in person I can have more of those experiences through the community of bloggers.
I have one coat of paint and it did cover the ancient wall paper fairly well
It is probably a base coat for a rag rolling or sponging number
that I actually LIKE to do.


Me said...

I love those ideas for your loft room... sounds like you're pretty art-sy with decorating.. I must (someday in the future).. get busy with wallpaper.. it's for the wall going up the stairs from the living room, and it matches what's on the L.R. walls.. but I keep putting it off because I'm as useless as a bucket of sand in a desert once I'm up a ladder.. :o)

David said...

Thanks for stopping by to pay me a visit. Love to meet new people. I have moved so many times it became old hat and now that I have not moved since 91 the junk has built up. Wish I could move again.

Good luck in the new place.

Veronika said...

Great ideas! I'm about to move again, and not looking forward to all the junk I'll have to sort through.:)

phoenix said...

I did the painting bit over old wallpaper and this stuff was straight from the 70's, browns, greens and yellows. Bugs, leaves and flowers. What I did to cover it and to make sure it didn't "bleed" through the paint is cover it in one coat of the white mildew paint. It worked!!

OldOldLady Of The Hills said...

I love your idea of the wall of photo's of family and friends..and the globe idea, too...it is quite extraordinary isn't it that we get to meet so many wonderful people all over the world...Amazing!

I bet you are relieved that you are finally MOVED!!! (sort of).

Nettie said...

I like painting...