Wednesday, September 28, 2005

my blog crush - please click the link

I am declaring my blog crush on the
Very red haired Jayleigh who has been my connection to most of you
good folks out there. She has a real life, and so much love to give to those around her.
She has way too much humility and is seemingly "up to date" on things having to do with blogging. She gave me the link I use for music. She warned me when I was confusing you. She's the best photo chick in Michigan. I also nominate her for the Noble pizza prize, mushroom, pepperoni,and olive division.

Now go see this guy at blog crush and you can declare your allegiance to your favorite blogger.


Jayleigh said...

David. I'm crying! Aren't you the sweetest guy I know in Big Bear!?

Seriously, though, I appreciate you and I really enjoy your blog.

However, I hate olives. I really hate them and if you want me to accept a Noble Pizza Prize, it should have the following toppings:

Mushroom, Onion, Ham, Bacon, Green Pepper.


Dorothy said...

David... it was so funny when I read that you nominate my little sis for Nobel Pizza Prize. I thought "She HATES olives..." and then right below it, my dear Jayleigh said "I HATE olives." Believe me, she said it that way. It's actually a two-syllable word: "HAAA-te".

So idolize her if you want, but know that she has somewhat questionable food tastes (for instance, if she ate eggs, which she doesn't like to do, she would have the same toppings as her pizza!).


David said...

Olives are so cute, self contained and portable - they are the perfect food, I will have to send you some California Olives.
Dorothy, what do you like on your pizza ( award) and say hello to my buddy Arnold, if you please.

Jennifer said...

Well, I just had to come see about all this crush business. Very nice, David. Personally, I love olives. But I'm a vegetarian, so if you ever want to send me a pizza award (ahem) make sure there's no meat on it, ok?

David said...

Jennifer _ I will most certainly remember to submit your name to the Noble Pizza prixe committee, Veg head division.
Oh by the way:: if it were not for all us Meat eater people, do you have any idea how many chickens, cows and pigs there would be, consuming all the earth's vegetables? We make life possible for you - aren't we thoughtful?

Shelley said...

Well, I don't like olives...but I do like meat on a pizza...say, a meat lovers from Pizza Hut (hint hint)...oh and those bread stick thingys too; I mean I like those bread stick thingys but not with meat on them...