Thursday, September 29, 2005

Movie review

Back in the merry merry month of may
I pioneered the concept of reviewing a movie you had not seen.
The link takes you to my May archives, and you just dig from there.
Jayleigh did a guest spot and slammed Star Wars, and my son roasted War of the Worlds.

Tonight I am going to tell you that I saw a movie
I saw a movie in a theater ( double shock)
Bill Murray was in it and it was indecipherable ( who is not surprised?)
ok so here goes:
Broken flowers got two thumbs up from the thumbs up guys.
Mostly the crowd I saw it with gave it eyebrows up, as in "WHAT???!!"
it was beautiful, chopped all to hell, abrupt and at times so slow and ponderous that
I could have walked out gotten an overpriced drink and returned without missing anything.
but I loved it.
the character made me feel comfortable being human.
He made me alright with being incomplete.
He had a wreck of a life and the train was coming down the track to finish him off.
So he decided to go meet the train, to challenge the upcoming disaster.

Here is what was so disturbing, at the end of the film you know nothing
more than at the beginning. He knows little more, but perhaps he is
shaken by the evidence of a life that went nowhere relationally.
I came away yelling at the writer and director, but loved the acting and the
filmography. Very well done. Like a still life, that occasionally talked.
so id give it a 8.7 rating of the 16 possible.

Save your money and rent Fargo again
I did - and now I'm talking like a minnesotan, yah?.
Doncha know she got an OSCAR for that role!!!! Yah? Yaaahh!!
It based on a true story, Norm. Yah?? Yaaaah!!
Ehh, Norm, I should letcha know its full of violence, bad language, and naked hookers. doncha know?


Daphnewood said...

ah David, that was very helpful. In my house we like to call those kind of films "cultural experiences". You don't really get entertained because the story is delivered like someone giving in a speech in english with a heavy heavy accent. Sometimes you get what they are saying but others...well you know. It was a great review, David!

Nettie said...

I think I'm falling over from all that shock.

Joe said...

I haven't seen a movie in a theater in years. I just can't justify what you get for the price.

And the popcorn! Arrrrgh!

David said...

daph, thanks - this was the culture of the lonely man - I guess that was why it affected me.
Nettie, I hope all the shocks did not frazzle your cute new hairstyle.
Joe, we go on tuesday nights when it is five bucks, and I bring my own candy and beverages. We call it "tightwad tuesdays". I presume your hair is unaffected.

Jayleigh said...

Wow David. I think I won't go and see it.

As for Fargo... man would you just let it rest! I do not, for the 100th time, speak like that chick.

Hehe. Though I CAN speak like that chick. Just I don't naturally.

Doncha know!

And Joe, just because the popcorn is insta-artery-hardening and $100 per serving doesn't mean you shouldn't eat it!

Jayleigh said...

PS I adore your rating system.