Monday, September 05, 2005

Continuing adventures of Dave and Ernie

Dave and Ernie, when we last saw them, were airborn.

Flash forward two or three days.

Now that the car is wrecked, 'Ernie who has no clue' is allowed to drive again.
I will guess that you have never seen a Volkswagen bug with no back or right side windows going down the road. Neither have I.
We needed to get it home, and driving seemed the only way.
We needed a new front axle spindle, and found one in a junk yard
and managed to put it in while hanging with the aforementioned friends.
It still was not quite right, and we had to buy new bearings half way home because the others were shot.

The hardest part of going back home is passing by all the disaster sites.
We were fairly oblivious to this, as usual, but had to drive past the site of
my incredible fishtail stunt, and double back flip with a twist.
Later we drove through Cloverdale, slower so we would not set off the radar gun alarm.
We managed to keep from freezing to death by driving next to big rigs to minimize the wind coming in through the rear and side windows. I think it was January.

Each of our tickets cost $100.00, so we were pretty broke. We still looked like stupid stoners, which we were, and I am so surprised that we did not get pulled over again for driving an unsafe car. I called mom from somewhere along the way to say that we were fine but the car had been in an accident, no big deal, bla bla. When I drove in the driveway, she could see for herself that something unusual had happened to us. I did not know how comon alien abductions were back then or I might have tried that story. Falling asleep at the wheel was part of the truth. When you tell part of the truth you always feel better.
So that is what I told.
I'll bet Rick wishes we went to Mexico, except they don't give tickets for pot possession there.

This is part three, you will have to beg me for part two, and I will have to make most of it up since I really don't remember.
I am not sure if Ernie has got a clue yet, or if he is alive.
He often demonstrated a lack of caring for his own welfare
as evidenced by his tendency to mouth off to people wearing uniforms and guns.


Nettie said...

Part three, part three, part three!

David said...

Nettie - I am quite concerned about you. Please calm down.

Jayleigh said...

David, I am glad you lived to tell part 3. You're such a good guy, I can't believe you used to be a stoner!

It's OK though, cuz in Christ we're all new creations.

And you're right, telling part of the truth is always better than telling none at all.