Tuesday, September 27, 2005

Aguide to reading duck tales

If I lost you - I am sorry for being so IN the story i thought I could tell it out of sequence and bring it together later. I may not be THAT good.
In sequence it may be boring at first,but,
I really love you folks and would never do anything to hurt you
including straining your heads over trying to get what this poor guy went through
for a couple years and should have forgotten and never spoken of again.

outline ( boring but useful)

I had chickens, and bought feed for them at Triple J feed and tack.
I had three young kids and a no wife, as she had seperated from us.
I saw a note at the feed store about duck eggs and ducklings for sale.
The lady seemed eccentric but very fond of my son ( everyone loves him!)
When we bought two ducks Dookee and Daphnee, we were told they were a
matched pair male and female, and would be perfect for us.
The Duck lady starts to cultivate our friendship and to make us into laborers in her barnyard, a few chores at a time, and always paid us.
You had to (I did and the kids did) LOVE being at their house.
Gus was a talented musician, photographer and painter, and very generous.
Venus was as story teller and a great hostess always feeding us and loving being around the children who she correctly deemed "so bright".
She said she was dying of cancer but was not specific,
she said she had more money than she knew what to do with.
She said she wanted the children's names in her will.
Ok - I will admit to wanting that as well.
*****************************end of outline*************

Moral of todays story
when you get a weird feeling, it MAY mean something.
The moment this woman did the "I am putting your kids in my will" maneuver,
it changed our relationship. and SHE knew it.
I was to be her servant.
I would be paid, but I would have to be on call
and put up with all the crap that she dished out.
I fell for it and I think it cost me a lot
Later I met others who were used

ps. Dookee and Daphnee laid two eggs a day, so they were gay!

Right now I need a duck to hug.

ALL the duck tales will appera as if written on Friday ( below)
since I drafted them on that day - happy reading!

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Jayleigh said...

Thank you for the outline. Now you may proceed with the story in ANY ORDER you deem necessary.


Thank ya!