Wednesday, August 10, 2005

with apologies

I am sorry folks, today I am unable to write.
That is I can't write anything that is "readable".
If you want dark interior portraits
or lengthy laments of unhappiness
there are college students that can
tell you how tough life is.
I won't write any more of that this month.
I have some serious work to do.

P.S. The tree house was badly flooded
keeping me from rushing in to
what may have been a huge mistake.
I'm coining the phrase,
"I like my mold to stay in the fridge thank you"


Bar Bar A said...

It's better that you discoverd the flooding now, that's a blessing. I know this is a dark season, but there will be light again.

Jayleigh said...

Good thing you weren't in it for 10 days and found the flooding. Sorry for this trouble, but it's better this way.