Tuesday, August 02, 2005

We seem very close

I think we are getting the "tree house" that I
am interested in, My realtor has a counter offer for us to look at
( what a lovely present) It will cost me more per month for less
space, but I will be making payments on my own place.
Now I just need to work smarter.
Thank you for all your continuing prayers.
For those of you not in Calif I will do a cost per square foot
analysis in a later post.
Now off to the beach!!!
No blogging or email for two days :-(
Sun and fun! :-)


Joe said...

The square foot cost may be too much of a shock for us!

Jayleigh said...

You'll live without the computer, dear heart. Have a lovely time and know we are all still praying for you.

J Carl Graham said...

Think about a live aboard sailboat, with a diesel. jeff