Friday, August 05, 2005

Telling it backwards - or not

I can't post this backwards, too hard on myself and on my beloved readers
I dare not tread on your voluntary submission to my quirkiness.

Here is stage one of the fix.
Theme: Why we always leave so late to go on vacation.

Its nice to IMAGINE yourself arriving at your destination in time to unpack, see the sun go down and have a nice dinner before falling into bed early so that the first full day of your vacation begins with you rested.

The reality is that everything in the universe hates a vacuum of work and will try to fill your last day at work with as much crap as possible. You also are your worst enemy at this moment, as you remember everything you put off for weeks that CAN NOT wait two more days. Unpaid bills get into the act, as do cleaning of the car so you can actually fit people in next to you. Please take extra time packing the seven outfits you won't wear, and forget to pack shoes, then spend your vacation in fuzzy Duck slippers.

I knew from the start that this would be a late start, so I worked til 4pm, figuring on leaving between six and seven pm for a three hour drive, and that lateness would save me time as traffic would diminish. ha ha ha ha
At ten minutes til nine I was grilling chicken for lunch the next day, not on a hotel BBQ but here, with "stops" to make piling up faster than my son's dirty laundry. Drop off this, pick up that, find this person, pay the electric bill....
You know I am only telling you all this since I stayed cool, figured I was getting a vacation and only had to do the driving which I am good at, and that my companion, friend and gift giver would sleep like a baby as we made our westward journey to the seaside town of San Beunaventura.

end of post - do not read further - because this part comes later OK?

My vacation in reverse order:

And then we drove into the driveway, tired and happy to be home
in the beautiful mountains.
It was midnight, the street was deserted.
We dashed from the casino before the slots could grab our last few dollars.
Ike Turner was walking in front of us with his Barbie proportioned blonde escort.
The concert was finishing up and Gail was very tired, so we left before the final song.
(I wonder how long I can keep this up)
The treat of the evening was Kenny Wayne Shepherd web site playing a perfect version of Voodoo Child by my favorite guitarist Jimi Hendrix. UNBELIEVABLE, I cried!
BB King blues festival was so much fun - Thanks Nancy for scoring the excellent seats

Three hour drive from Ventura to Redlands, 1 hour at least of intense conversation.
Shopping on Main street for used books, and just having fun being away from home.
Super luxury of napping in the middle of the day.
Sleeping in late and watching Today, with Katie in a really UGLY outfit.

more later ( I know I am nuts, so dont even say it)


Oren Schmidt said...

so annoying, i tried to read it from end to begining, it was more painful that from begining to end, if your trip was as bad as that post i feel sorry for you, why dont you give me a progress report on the phone or just delete this lame post and take a mulligan

Jayleigh said...

It was sort of like Memento. I have seen it. It's an old movie. But I'd still like to write a review so people don't get screwed by renting it from netflix or blockbuster!


Glad you're back!

The Complimenting Commenter said...

Wow. I feel for you. I hope that get some rest and relaxation before getting back to the grind. Good luck and thanks for sharing.

Jayleigh said...

"Please take extra time packing the seven outfits you won't wear, and forget to pack shoes, then spend your vacation in fuzzy Duck slippers."

This is the funniest sentence I have ever read. SO TRUE!

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