Wednesday, August 17, 2005

My day off

Oh yeah, I wished I went to work yesterday.
I went to the dentist and had a tooth pulled.
( I just lost half of the readers, I know)

Maybe I should not tell you about it.
I could tell you of someone elses pain and suffering.

I should just suck it up, my pain was self inflicted
and I have no right to whine.

I should commend the small Indian woman doctor
who wrestled with my tooth for TWO HOURS.
The three different assistants who stood by quietly,
the one who tried to tell the Dr how it was done.
The other Dr who came in at the end and seemed to be a big boost
to the confidence of the original tooth wrestler.
After a whole lot of cutting and grinding, the bottom half
of the tooth was in my mouth, the top piece being broken off and in the tray.

I could hear the nervousness and strain in the formerly quiet Dr.'s voice.
She worked so hard on this thing I should send her flowers.
I'm sure she thinks I hate her. I do not.
I hate my teeth going bad on me, and not being able to afford
the expensive repairs they need now.
Thank God I am not afraid of needles, drills,
power saws and jack hammers.
I could endure anything they used on me
I proved that to myself, yesterday.

I prayed, I cursed, it all sounded the same with the suction
and tools in my mouth. I wondered if I would die from the stress.
Good thing I have a strong heart, and a mind that can bend the worst
scenarios into something bearable.
Thanks for those who prayed, the healing of the gum is happening now.
My work is still waiting for me, so I better get out of this chair.
My prescription for today is warm salt water rinses
and Amoxicillin, and soft foods.

I am happy to report that unlike the other young patients
I did not cry.


Heather said...

Been there, done that, got the t-shirt and the dental bill to prove it. I hope the throbbing goes away and you can once again enjoy your day.

Bar Bar A said...

Hey David, hope your feeling better.

joeprehiem7546 said...
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Jayleigh said...

Oh sweetie, I would have cried like a baby!

I hope you're feeling better now!


Live, Love, Laugh said...

I cried reading this, I could imagine, I just do not enjoy a visit to the dentist at all!!!!