Saturday, August 20, 2005

free verse, no rhyme zone

physical work
heavy - and regular - can yield happiness
( or so I have been told)

I moved a big pile of gravel once and was happy doing it
But I would have been happy doing anything those days.
I was living in the mountains
after fleeing the city
See " true tale" from July 9th post
for the city I fled and why.

I cut firewood to burn but have a great time doing it
it's a guy thing - an expensive toy that qualifies as a tool
and makes a hella noise. thats a perfect way to zone out

I like heavy lifting, but would never go near a gym
( sorry arnold)
I like breaking concrete, pouring concrete,
and polishing concrete. all these exhaust me
but I feel good knowing my body still works at this level
at my advanced age

best of all , it seems to me
is that the use of your muscles shuts off most of your brain
( tom cruise will tell me this is not so)
so you just concentrate on the lifting
the climbing, the use of your strength
and forget about all the crap that assails you when you relax

Yep that IS the problem with down time
all the overdue stuff comes to call
ringing the doorbell of your brains anxiety center
and dragging in all that smelly manure on their dirty feet

so I am giving little room for the monsters lurking
in the recesses of my head to voice their potent puke.
I'm working myself til I can't stand up
then I will fall down into bed and sleep
when I get up I will try again
to catch a wave of momentum and propel
myself through another day's work.

It this does not give you a headache, nothing will
sorry for unloading
but there it is

maybe later I will edit it


Heather said...

Unfortunately, no matter what we do, work, drink, take drugs, etc. whatever is bothering us is still there at the end of the day.

I hope you can find the strength and the serenity needed to deal with it all.

Joe said...

Actually, I liked that. I don't think you need to edit it at all.

The Merry Widow said...

I'm with need to edit.

And to answer your question about my blog: Yes - I only write about my real life. Crazy, huh?

curious servant said...

I spent a little time here, reading your blog. I enjoyed it. Thank you.

David said...

Thanks to joe for the word verification tip - it foils spam bots! take that you mechanical POS!

Jayleigh said...

David, you amazing man, you! I love that you captured the essence of working hard... work it like a dog, then fall into bed exhausted. Wake up in the morning knowing you rocked it the day before, and have a feeling of accomplishment.

Get on with your bad self, brother!