Wednesday, August 31, 2005

First thing I recall in my life

I am short
incredibly short
I am the shortest person in my family.
Thankfully no one makes fun of this
and I am very comfortable with my place in the world.

I am also the youngest, except for the dog.
Come to think of it the dog is shorter than I am. Yes!

I am four years old and a big change has come to our family
We have moved from the house on Valerio St to the
brand new three bedroom, two bath house on Allott Ave.
I am exploring the back yard which us still rather bare
as my parents will spend the next years landscaping it themselves.
A pair of old pepper trees are in one corner, later Dad will build us the best
tree house EVER, around one of these trees.
In the other corner I am looking up at the top of the fence and four fingers
come over the top, gripping tightly as a small boy pulls himself up
to see who and what is going on in the new place.
I do not remember his face.
Just the fingers, the hand.
the surprise in my childs mind that a fence
which holds us in, and holds the world at bay
also has its limits.
Someone was tall enough and strong enough to
climb that fence, in order to see and be seen
to say hello, and try to make a new friend.

The little boy in me is now perched on this new fence
inviting you into my world, happy to share a day in the sun
and a cool afternoon under the shade trees with some of mom's lemonade.
Come on over friend,
but be careful you don't get a splinter in your rear end.


Jayleigh said...

Too late, my rear end is splintered!

I love this memory David. You rock!

Heather said...

That is great!! and splinters can always be removed.

Oren Schmidt said...

that was quite possibly the most flawless piece of writing i have ever read, you seriously need to put down the hammer and pick up the pen, stinking write for a living, you will be less sore when the day is done. speaking of sore, how's the wood coming along?

Joe said...

Good work!

BTW Re: Your post on coffee.

Did you hear? Coffee has more antioxidents in it than just about anything else! Yea!

Bar Bar A said...

Listen to your son, he's got it right, (no pun intended).

curious servant said...

Hi! you can call me C.S. I like the way you are showing me around. Thanks!

When I was four I tried to ride a sheep. It was penned up and tried to crawl through a hole in the fence that was too small, which let me climb on its back. So I became a little bronco rider and my brothers and I kept it up until Mom told us to stop.

Anyway, thanks for inviting me over. And you are welcome at my place anytime.

Cindy-Lou said...

Totally unrelated to this post, but I'm praying for Jayleigh... thanks so much for telling me!

Nettie said...

I echo Cindy-Lou, and thanks for the memories!

steve said...

GREAT!!! I loved this!!

Anonymous said...

great memory