Saturday, August 13, 2005


Blog I may and blog I must

its a truth, in blog we trust.

Blog the trees, as they sway

Blog the night and then the day.

Bloggers dream and then interpret

all the readers read and then fret;

"will this blog go on for long

or be just one more too short song?"

Writing is a passion, tis true

and those who have it, that's what we do.

Reading can be a wonderful pastime

but what to do if the next chapter won't appear?

Well you call up the author

and give him or her a kick in the rear!

"Hey get out of your funk, get happy fergawdsake!

Write us something funny, its a piece of cake"

"Never ming your stalling and lame excuses

and please stop writing about all your boyfriend's abuses."

So here it goes, my reading friends

a trip into blogland, a means to the ends.

What started as hobby and somehow just grew

Now what I write does not matter, just that I do.

If your read this or not I can not tell

In the balance hangs neither your heaven or hell

As we grow in our knowledge and how fast we can go

its nice to sit typing so agonizingly slow

My mind is kept busy, I find some peace

in trying, these thoughts, inside, to release.

That's it for today, I'm done you my best

have yourself some coffee, a stretch and a rest

cause its your turn now to entertain me

The comment below is now mandatory, no reading for free!


Jayleigh said...

Hehe. Thanks for the warning shot first, David!

You are so cool. I will never be this cool. Hmmph!

I can't write a poem to save my life and looky what you just did here!! That was so excellent, my blogging friend. Plus, the mandatory comment. Way cool.

I need to try that sometime! GOOD ON YA!


Bar Bar A said...

My dear David, you have a gift
For giving all of us a lift
Even when lifes got you down
Your rarely blog with a frown
So never stop using your wit
Cause I will have to pictch a fit
And other readers, like Jayliegh
Will certainly agree with me
Your blog is one of our faves
Even when full of rants and raves
You truly have a way with words
That resonates with us blogging nerds

Suzii said...

I like your wordages! Amazingly making sense to my brain self. Brain self? Wow... I must be tired or something?!?! Thanks for stopping by my site... hope I didn't bore ya ta death & stuff. I will drop by yours again!

Suzii said...

by the way... I have been to Big Bear Lake! When I was a little girl we used to go camping there. I got a bee sting between my fingers there... I fell into the water from a drop off there... My family forgot my clothes so my grandma made me a dress out of dish towels there... ahhh... such wonderful memories! I even have a picture (slide) of me in pigtails with pine needles between my toes there!! (I was about 4) :)

Jayleigh said...

WW, thanks for putting me in your cool poem. You're right. I would pitch a fit if David stopped blogging.

David said...

y'all can relax - if I ever stop its because my cold dead fingers are wrapped around my Hewlet packard Keyboard ( sort of a rif on the NRA and the second amendmant). Suzi thanks for the memories,I can picture you in a dish towel dress falling in the lake with four birthday candles in your bee sting fingers. Jay you are my inspiration. Well - you are..... well, hmmm I like to call you the deep one among my readers. Thanks for poeting in kind I have always loveds rhyming games. Bless you all ( I wonder where joe and bonnie are - any one know? Should we call the police and have then knock on their door???

Live, Love, Laugh said...

LOL! that was great!!! I see you are talented, not only with chainsaws but poetry, that's opposites I must say!!

BHGA said...

Arrived at your site via Joe's...enjoyed the poetry. Will stop back...


Killired said...

I love it!

Barbara said...

Great poem - you're funny and a poet too!

Sasta da PunkaH said...

Nice one, has all the elements for a cookie crumble and more!

Keep munchin' and ummm bloggin'...

Running2Ks said...

That is gorgeous!