Tuesday, July 12, 2005

what about Bathrobes?

before I finish the spiritual warfare story I have to address a lighter subject:
Do people really blog in their underwear?
There was some derisive comment against blogs,
I think by the network news anchors,
about the validity of commentary or news reported by people
sitting at home in their underwear.
Seems funny coming from guys who got caught with their
stories wrong recently. - Never the less that is not my concern
We need to figure this out. this may be more dangerous than
driving while talking on a cell phone. This could be a hazard of sorts.
We can't have people writing important thoughts and opinions
while partially dressed! So we need adress code.
May I suggest a shirt and tie for men,
and a skirt and blouse for the ladies. Youth may wear casual wear ( jeans).
Then and only then is it ok to blog in your underwear.

DUH! the guy on channel 2, 4, 7 is in his underwear!
Larry King is in his underwear! and suspenders, what is with that!!!!

So I want you all to admit it - you are sitting there, wearing underwear.
If you are not, we don't need to know about it.
Stay cool, however you feel its best to do so,
and by all means get comfy.

You have my permission to blog in your underwear,
but your mom reminds you to wear a clean pair,
just in case you get in an accident, and go to the hospital.

Whew! I feel better! stay tuned, next week: Boxers or brief blogs?


Joe said...

I can't ever remember posting to my blog when I did not have underwear on.

David said...

joe, this could be a problem!
maybe you are having memory problems.

Jayleigh said...

I've always worn underwear while blogging. And almost always with clothes on top!

Bar Bar A said...

no comment

Live, Love, Laugh said...

LOL! funny post, of course we blog with our underwear on, it would be vulgar not to!

Daphnewood said...

once I blogged wrapped in a towel; no bathrobe, no underwear. Now Dan Rather and his colleagues can complain about that but unless they plan on showing us what is underneath those trousers of theirs they need to shutup about us bloggers and our underwear.

beth said...

seriously, this is quite a personal question, don't you think? and one I'm not totally prepared to answer. (just gotta go put some clothes on first!)

Johan Wedell said...

For a week now there has been a heat wave in Denmark (you may find our temperatures mild to chilling, but we're melting). So yes, I've been writing in my underwear.
Today however is cooler, and I'm wearing several peaces of clothing besides my underwear.

Skippy said...

Since I blog at work...I try to make sure I keep my pants on ;)

Great blog....Skip

David said...

hey skip!
glad to know you are clad
being good and never bad

this is a family space
and full of honor and grace

we ask that you refrain from using four letter words.
As some of our readers are younger nerds
so be cool. don't be a jerk
and think twice before mentioning W--k.

Joe said...

I cannot remember whether or not I have memory problems.