Sunday, July 03, 2005

The problem with pills

The problem with pills is they dont jump in your mouth twice a day.
The problem with pills or vitamins is that even if they help make you feel better
when you are down, when you are down, you are most likely to forget to take them.
The problems that can not be solved with pills are multitudinous no doubt.
(can you say Tom Cruise) And even good pills work best with behavioral change.
For instance a guy asking "Buddy, can you spare a dime?",
SHOULD be saying something like, "Dude, can you lend me a quarter?"

Or like the freaky trampy druggie woman who (knowing me to be a softee)
picked up my cell phone in the parking lot of our local general store
and then tried to sell it back to me inside.
Whoah! That takes equipment she should not have!
She got my change I am sad to report.
She is a candidate for Psychological intervention and behavioral change.

I lost my train of thought, or was it just a caboose on the loose?
Perhaps it was a flat car rolling downhill and hitting switches at random
til it overturns in some poor persons yard.
Why do poor people live in proximity to trains? Hmm

Now I've really lost it.
Durn that, this was going to be a good post,too!

Guess Ill go take my vitamins and see if that helps.
stay tuned ( not in that sense, freaky! ) for future updates.
Sorry for dumping a trainload of randomness in your back yard!
You should move.


Bar Bar A said...

I liked the trainload of random stuff you dumped. I can relate to what you're saying (oh, no what does that say about me?)

Your posts are always entertaining and interesting to read.


Oren Schmidt said...

you should move. and you need to take more than vitamins, and try to sketch out an outline of where you are going with your post, sometimes, if you write your punch line first will remember where to end up

david said...

thank you Layla, Oren does not understand that the point of randomness is its inherent beauty. I am to writing what Jackson Pollock was to abstract art.

Bar Bar A said...

Jackson Pollack! I love used to have a print of one of his pieces in my house in Laguna. My roommate liked it so he did an abstract painting on our refridgerator door. It very hip.

Jayleigh said...

David this was one for the ages! Amazing!

Rachel said...

it's your blog, so write how ever you want! And more of it, it's great stuff... I think a lot of people forget to take pills, for example many years ago I tried taking the pill but I kept forgetting, whereas most of my girlfriends take it religiously... and I have friends on antidepressants who manage to take them on time, there is one person I know who I am no longer friends with who antidepressants don't work for, but that might have something to do with the fact that she takes marijuana and silly pills as well

How was that for a train wreck rant? Randomness is a great thing, keep it up!

Johan Wedell said...

My flowers! My beautiful flowers!! Your de-railed train has plowed them all up! My garden is a mess!

I took the liberty to examine the contents of the cars - that's a lot of oranges you've got there.

;-) Johan