Tuesday, July 05, 2005

a new Idea - maybe not a good one?

I had an idea for art and entertainment.
I think its original and I am
needing to know for sure.
To my loyal and traitorous readers:
tell me if there is already a blog out there that
features high qualtity digital pictures of food gone bad.

I thought since I already have so many good specimens
of bad food that I could start a blog about
"things I found in my fridge"
there are several hitches and possible negatives to this idea.

Of course I would actually have to have BAD food in my fridge,
no problem there. I would need a decent digital camera.
Maybe one of my readers will see the artisitic value of
such an endeavor and upgarde so as to be able to donate to
such a worthy cause. (Don't make me use my disposable cam)

Here is the big down side, my daughter , who is an almost vegetarian,
meaning she does not eat anything that moo's or oinks, only occassionaly
eats anything that clucks, and will have a smoked gobbler sandwich
in the right phase of the moon, will stop eating anything that
could grow a delightful red or green skin on top if left longer than six months.

If she gives up cheese, there is little left to eat except Taco Bell.
I may have a conflict of interest here, if creating, capturing and sharing
my art will cause her to eat away from home. That will cut into our
food as art budget, and the downward spiral ends with me selling postcards
of digitally remastered eggplant mold on the corner
a few blocks from my cardboard box house.
Very sad
" Mold gone wild" dies before it sees the light of day. (sniffle)


Bar Bar A said...

Oh come on, you can find something moldy in the fridge! You are soooooo funny and creative. I have some REALLY old cameras if you want one. I mean REALLY old. Let me know :)

Jayleigh said...

I am so grossed out by bad food in the fridge. But I'd still read your blog even if you decided to go in that direction.

Have a great night!

Johan Wedell said...

I see the problem with your daughter - and maybe I can offer a solution:
Your faithful readers can supply you with photos of their own outdated meals.
I for one have an unopened bag of mozzeralla going green on the inside (of which I'm totally innocent since the expiration date hasn't been reached yet. If only I had the recipt I'd get it exchanged).
Only problem for me is, I have no camera. My mom does though, and if I can borrow it next time I visit, I'll mail you a few gross photos.

Rachel said...

I look forward to seeing eggplant then:p