Sunday, June 26, 2005

went to the Gym last night

I got a good workout indeed!
Here is how its done for those youngsters who forgot how to have fun.
Bend back, insert shovel. Lift ten pounds of sand and
dump in wheeled barrow, repeat sixteen times.
squats: lift wheelbarrow with legs,
Drive it through obstacle course, dump fifty feet away.
return to sand pile ( actually DG; decomposed Granite)
repeat 20 or more times in 2 hours

song interlude:
You dig sixteen tons
and what do you get?
You get another day older
and deeper in debt.

Thanks to the coal miners who fueled our "Steel age"
and those who still go down into the earth.

I was short of sixteen tons last night,
but I made a dent in ten tons.
Not bad for an old man!
I don't rock, but I do DG~


Jayleigh said...

*Tilting my head back to sing with gusto*

Saint Peter dontcha call me cuz I can't gooooooooooo. I owe my soul to the company sto'.

David said...

Jennigirl, thanks for finishing with the lyrics and catching my drift.
You are in fine voice tonight.