Saturday, June 04, 2005

Singalicious synapstication

I need to get to work
really must get to work
the work is calling me
but so is the glorious Saturday weather
clear sunny light breeze
all work and no play - bla bla bla

I signed up another client yesterday
and that will fill and complicate my week
I am thinking about adding to my crew
I think I might do charity car washes also
do you think I could get Paris Hilton
to lend a hand if I gave her a Carl's Jr. Superstar?

Its a perfect day to do nothing
but I may have to put that off til Tommorow

******************** musical interlude ******************

t'mawwa tamawwa I wuv ya tamawaaaa
yer always a day a-way

I saw this outdoors in Redlands last year
it was tawwiffic
tank ya
wuv ya



hmm, we asked paris to come help us on F.I. . . . we offered to spray paint some waders pink as an incentive, as they look especially good in promotional shots

Kerri said...

I posted some pictures of the Traveling Wall. Sorry it took so long for me to find them.


ok go to and then enter in 'mystic, CT'. drag the map upwards and you should see fishers island sound right underneath it, it looks like a very elegant island. :-)

David said...

Thank you "pink wader girls" for your advice on finding fisher island in the Long Island sound. and thanks kerri for the pictures, I will have to keep my ears tuned for the traveling wall in my area.