Thursday, June 23, 2005

haul the decks

My crew has grown to four, and it is a good thing.
Never been so busy, and we are seeing such productivity.
I am juggling two full time projects and a couple of 'finish up" things.
and the phone keeps ringing (some times I don't answer, that is what kids are for.)
Right now, today,we are putting down the coolest "fake" deck boards for a very special client of mine. To me and by mountain standards this is a big deck. To build it from redwood, which is a beautiful product, was the plan, but a new product, Evergrain, was recommended for this job. Since we are only doing it once, the higher cost of the decking and the extra work involved to make a two colored pattern is justified for this area that will be used for cooking classes, evening dinner parties, What makes this job extra rewarding is the appreciation shown us by the client and knowing that we are working for a friend, a good soul, and a woman who deserves our best efforts. Every time the job grows I breathe deep, close my eyes, and picture how great it will be when it is done. Then we get moving.
The heavy part today, moving the boards, that weigh two or three times what redwood does. The light part, having the new crew member complain that working in the sun might ruin her 'tan lines'!
Farmer tans for everyone, bring on the bib overalls.


Johan Wedell said...

Hi David.
I like reading your texts. They're fun, and they make me think.
But most of all they make me miss California. I had forgotten all about the redwoods.
Have a nice weekend.

Jayleigh said...

awesome man..... blog on brother!!!

Oren Schmidt said...

why do you have a chick working for you that is more concerned about "tanlines" than hardwork, just be glad you have skin, thats what i say

David said...

yeah, cause without skim we would blob all over the floor, our internal organs would be on display and it would be hard to find clothes that fit.