Friday, June 17, 2005

A funny thing happened on the way to the "crew cut"

A well known talk show host is having chemotherapy which
can be a drag, especially when your hair falls out.
You end up bald, wearing hats and wigs, scarves
(in other words, you become Cher)
So this gypsy tramp and thief is joining other
hairy type men and shaving the hair off my head
in support of those being treated for breast cancer.
I saved at least " TEN DOLLARS USD"
(scamo inside joke) by doing it myself.
I am sending that to the American Cancer Society,
which I would like to rename, perhaps:
the Americans Fighting ( or Curing) Cancer Society.
Fight fight - rah rah! We will win.
Do you want to send in Ten dollars USD also?
a good idea, and then you can feel my fuzzy head.
Ten dollars, and rub the lucky fuzzy head.
I feel like I am going to win the lotto Saturday
I also feel really handsome, must be too much sun!!!
I crack myself up.


Jayleigh said...


David said...

yeah yeah yeah!
I am busy in photoshop blending marlon Brando, Telly Savalas and Andre Agassi into a perfect me!!!! har har