Wednesday, May 11, 2005

Needing a (tree) hug

It's got to happen.
As sure as I am a man, I am still a boy.
Every boy needs a tree house
My son is still young enough
that I can borrow his youthful exhuberance
to get me up 30 feet into a huge pine
and to build an observation platform.
After that, Lord willing, we will put on a roof
and walls to make it more comfy.
My beloved sister gave me a great book for Christmas
"Treehouses of the World".
A converstaion last Sunday
started the juices of design flowing in my head.
On top of all my other desires, I now add this:
" I will to build a house
in the biggest tree
on my mom's property,
this Summer!"
That is step one.
let the drawing begin.

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