Wednesday, May 04, 2005

learn to negotiate with women

I need to learn the negotiation art or science, especially
when it comes to weird wacko women (I hope she is not reading this)
I must learn how to overcome the IHM blockage.
IHM causes her to imagine that everything I am trying to do
is aimed at showing how powerful I am and how weak (and stupid) she is.
IHM - gives her no peace and much anxiety.
"I hate men!" but I need one once in a while,
I hate men, but there are some things they can do (build, tear down, hammer nails)
I hate men, but they control the world, so I will use my sexiness to control them
( that last one made ME laugh)
well - I continue to resist her control ( pointless, I am now a robot)
and to hammer, saw and paint my way to sanity. ( a long road)


David said...

the women who read this ask "who could he be talking about?"
The men all know!

Oren Schmidt said...

So freaking true

Benny said...

lol... so true... but you didn't hear that from me ;)

Irish girl in Seattle said...
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Irish girl in Seattle said...

Well are you sure she is actually attracted to men?? All those DIY skills are so very attractive to me. Sweaty men - yummy!!!

David said...

seattle, I am not sure of anything.
but the checks cash, and the work gets done. and there is some perspiration!