Wednesday, May 25, 2005

considering the worth of a post

Help me out, if you will.
Make me a better blogger (whatever that means!)
I am considering posting a letter from Nigeria
in the pursuit of laughter,
in the name of comedy.

I do not fear hurting West African feelings.
Nor is my concern for previous victims of these scams.
It may be that Nigerian scam letters are passe
So yesterday, we are so over that!

I am usually behind the trends but have been
"playing" with Nigerian scammers for at least a couple years.
My love for reading and writing is fed in a twisted way
by these communications, even though they are not real.
I got my latest Money Order / Cashiers Check yesterday.

So if you want to read the scam letter, or my sometimes abrasive
and sometimes indecipherable responses, I could post those.
Peace to all my readers, and double to 'commentators'.
Off to the project that grows larger every time I get near
a finishing point. The weekend looms!


Heather said...

perhaps i'm behind the times, too, but i don't even know what you're talking about. so i guess i would appreciate the post.

David said...

Heather asks, so now you are all going to get blasted with more West African fraud info than you willknow what to do with. I have been having so much fun with these lads, I can share a tale or two and som silly pictures.
It all started when our Hobie cat was damaged prior to a move........