Wednesday, March 10, 2021

strange dreams, and weird movie

 I can't control my dreams

I should control the TV Remote

We watched the movie "Bliss" and it blew my mind

good acting, wandering plot, that I can't fully explain here


My mind went back to my darker days , post divorce

when I could NOT get my act together, and people had to step in and help: am I responsible to apologize to them, now, for the costs of my care? for the costs of my negligence, I must make amends with those who were closestd and may have suffered ( silently) as I went through my depressed days and lonely winters. 

I only take credit for this, the life I entrusted to God has been lived with trust in Him, and grace from both Him and my family.

Others were with me on my crazy journey and some just watched as I wandered about, not always having anything (nice) to say 

To all I owe a debt, and a responsibility to do better, and walk in the wisdom and stability I now have.

to God be all the glory

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