Monday, December 28, 2020

worship as a spectrum

 our lives can be graphed as a spectrum of highs and lows, our bright moments and dark.

our meals range from frugal to suptuous

Our conversations can be short and sweet or long and luxuriously intimate

why not so with God?

what if worship had as many facets as your human relationships?

start with a stretching as you wake ( it is good to feel my body rising)

as lots of random thought cram into your brain, ask God, What is important to HIM

when you see the sun, KNOW it is for your benefit, your life depends on that glowing orb

society exists to make your life possible ( we could NOT live alone) 

so we celebrate neighbors and friends and family in light of Him who created them

our momentary breath is from Him, so exhale His praises. Our hands should be doing His works

the Joy of the Lord is strength so Let your JOY be plentiful

in Him we live and move and have our being

Just bring Him into every corner of your existence 

and so give Him the worship due His holy goodness

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