Friday, May 01, 2009

Joy of set

There really is no happiness like that of setting tile.
This week I get to take a simple tile and make it Beautiful because we add a little slant to it.
The blue wires are a heater that the home owner added to keep his lovely wife and babies' tootsies warm in the winter. he is a very smart guy.

I am glad to have an opportunity to serve them and to get out of my "shell" for a while. I just wish I was healthy at the same time. Today we will finish the kitchen and set tile in the entry hall. Maybe some time for grout and sealer.
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Amrita said...

wow this is professional

rashbre said...

Very smart. And with built in footwarmers. Netchick sent me here to marvel today!

nancy (aka moneycoach) said...

Looks good! I can well imagine the sense of satisfaction completing a job like that would bring. And esp. interesting to me as I'm about to move into a new apartment, that could use some new flooring. Netchick sent me, btw.

colleen said...

I'd settle for cold tiles even, rather than the linoleum I have. Very nice, say who? Me and Netchick.

Chris said...

What a novel idea - my fiancee would likely love me just that much more if I had floors that were warm. Apparently carpet is too cold to walk on normally.

And just so ya know, Netchick sent me. Just like she sent rashbre, nancy, and colleen. She's good like that.

Jean-Luc Picard said...

It looks a tough job to do, David.

Netchick sent me here.

sage said...

Nice work... Is this electric heating? Mostly what I've known of as floor heating using hot water and runs in the slab. I can't imagine you could float a thick enough base to place such lines in.

carmilevy said...

You have the most amazing life/work ethic of anyone I know. Dropped by from Tanya's place to share this little observation of mine with you.