Saturday, April 07, 2007

you bet your bunny tail...

yes, we boiled and dyed eggs here tonight.
Miss Hannah and I - playing silly kids together.
remembering days long past when holidays were
filled with joyous together times. Too soon she will be grown and off to college, so I treasure this sort of Father-Daughter time. Precious.

Now to go put them on the front porch so that when the Rabbit gang comes they wont' kidnap anybunny.
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Anonymous said...

I colored eggs with my mother until I was thirty - both our husbands thought we were nuts, but it was an important ritual.

sage said...

I also died eggs yesterday with my daughter and exchange student. Happy Easter from me and also from your friend Michele

Anonymous said...

Ah, those were the colored easter egg days!

kenju said...

What pretty eggs, David. I know your daughter appreciates you doing that with her. I will have to do that with my grandkids from now on.....but we haven't done it yet. I hope you had a Happy Easter!
Michele said to say hi!

Anonymous said...

You guys did a great job! The rainbow striped one on the top is beautiful!