Wednesday, October 25, 2006

to Jason

Winter’s white is blinding,
Removes the colors from my sight
Burns my eyes with frigid wind
Squinting, feeling through the blast of snow
That blocks my path to home.

Winter’s gray mutes all sound
No birds singing
The animals deep in burrows sleep
Would that I could crawl underground
To hide from the season that kills.
Crushes with its heavy snows the life from
all who are weak and unaware.

Winter’s black, a burial suit.
Time is at an end, the lights grow dim
Nothing left of strength in this man
His struggle over, peace overtakes.
Learned at last from his mistakes
And now lays freezing, alone and hopeless

Winter’s blue the sky above
Empty save for a cloud or two
Passing over, on the way
To a new and brighter day
Frozen body, but free the soul
Spirit flies away, renewed


phoenix said...

So very deep and dark but with a bright ending. Thank you for sharing.

Thank you for just being you.

jel said...

have ya got any snow ? :)

hope we get some this year

take care

Snaggle Tooth said...

Very intense!
Guess the Mile-High-City just got 8 inches...

I wanna crawl into a burrow n hide from the chill too! Brrhhh!

Anonymous said...

I think Jason would appreciate this. It is right that someone remembered that he lived and how he died. Very beautiful poem.

Minerva said...

Beautiful David, yearning and yet hopeful that something beyond the cruelty of nature exists...

Thank you for sharing this with us,


Anonymous said...

A good poem, thanks.
Here from Michele's this evening.

Carol said...

Brhhhh it made me shiver, especially as we are going into summer..your poem is wonderful ...when I feel really hot this summer I am going to read your poem and cool down :) and David did you managed to get yourself up and go yet..

Tracie Nall said...

very touching.

here from Michele's.