Friday, August 31, 2007

Housewarming party all weekend!

my kitchen , where I love.

a garage, not for cars, maybe a kayak will be birthed here?

a huge window ( south side exposure) over my tub-shower.
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Thursday, August 30, 2007

internet On ( sort of )

service is ON at the new house
but I have not got the router to my machine yet.
but I am working so much it does not matter

Please chat amongst yourselves, or read archives until sanity returns...

Tuesday, August 28, 2007

let there be Colors!

You white walls, beware!
The mismatched paint shelf at Lowes was fully stocked so I got a sweet SAGE GREEN,
a peachy color, and some off white thing, to spruce up the new place
AND a bout 2 dozen picture frames for my photos, which will be on display ASAP.

all this and working too

must be the drug..... see here

and I have new teeth
and Hot coffee and toast, and a loaner laptop until my new internet connection happens.

OH! the joys of Thrift store shopping, when you really need a whole houseful of stuff,
I am on cloud nine.

Saturday, August 25, 2007

moving in blue

Thank you all for the compliments regards my recent sunset photos.

This story will entertain some, and terrify others.
it will also give you a snapshot of my life.

I was in a hurry, since I needed to get the plans and get back to the job site BEFORE the building inspector arrived to check my property line layout. I thought I could kill two birds with one stone, and bring the trailer along so that I could load some scrap wood later.
I did not attach the chain that acts as a safety, between the trailer and the back of my Explorer.
The trailer was empty, and I was going to fast when it came OFF. I heard it first as it scraped along the pavement at 30+ mph, angling just to the left of me. As I slowed it caught up, now crossing the street and slamming into a telephone pole. It did the Jump up thing, when it went "WHAM!" and the few tools that were in it scattered in the gravel along the side of the road.

The frame is broken, the leaf spring on that side is in pieces, and it is no longer usable.
I parked it, later I will disassemble it. I rented a trailer for the rest of my move.
I moved some more of my stuff tonight and cooked in the kitchen for the first time.
Its been too long since I had a kitchen of my own, with full privileges.

So now begins the transition back to living on my own terms, defining my space and decorating as I please. There will be a LOT of framed pictures on the walls, mine mostly.
and some of hannah's art, Jared's too, if he will let me mount and display it.
I am blessed.
I looked at the prayer of jabez - and I see how God is answering someof it through this move.
I did not want it, yet it is turning out to be a really good thing.

Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Splitsville: episode two, Condiment wars!

in case anyone in Television is reading, I though of this FIRST!

A real time, non scripted show featuring former roommates, or ex-lovers, or used to be boyfriend-girlfriend couples that are now parting ways and having to divide all the stuff that has accumulated during the years.

Disclaimer: this is not based on my life, just came out of my insanely fertile brain, as I am looking at the packing of all things "here" into two sets of boxes.

In this weeks episode the refrigerator is being cleaned out and the cast members are deciding who owns the mustard, and in particular the Grey Poupon. You know that roommate A is a type A who only buys the finest, roommate b has few funds for feckless frivolity, and buys store brand 'Old yeller" mustard in the jumbo quart jar. This one is a no-brainer, but who will take custody of all the seven types of BBQ sauce, or the Extra Virgin Olive oil???? Stay tuned!

Monday, August 20, 2007


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look for Hannah and Kayla

the photos are posted at

I am so happy/ proud on this first day
with the keys to what will be my first REAL home in a long time.

the kitchen is HUGE
all the better for jam- preserves, italian cooking, pickles, you name it.

Now I just need furniture,
and a few pots and pans.

Thankfully, Labor day is a good time for Yard sales!

newer readers

persons ( and sock puppets) new to reading this blog
may wish to know some of the following:

the sunrise above was captured by me with a 2MP Fuji camera
in winter
in my underwear ( most likely)
because when I see something like that I don't go looking where I dropped my jeans last night.

that I do write poetry - and that its buried deep in the archives

that I have many loves, and one girlfriend.
I don't blog much about my personal relationships
but if I did, it would be good reading.

I prefer to talk about my children ( 3) and my hobbies (? any number)
and my immediate family, who are gems and a huge part of who I am and what I am becoming.

Yes, I am still changing into the full essence of David, having been through several life events that partially eclipsed who I was or who I could have been. Those events are part of me now, and I may choose to reflect on them here, once in a while. More likely I will pick a scene from daily life and tell you how it affects me, or what I see in the simple pleasures, the tastes of great food, the feel of massaging a sore muscle back to health, what it means to me to be the cheer leader for my aging mom.
I am becoming, and God already sees me as complete, beautiful.
Completely Beautiful in Christ.

Sunday, August 19, 2007

many loves

I love: ( in no particular order)
my blog - it is a constant imaginary friend
driving slow - it really freaks out the tourists and teens
watching the sunrise, I survived another night

I love hot coffee and fresh sourdough toast
the way birds fly crazy, even on short trips
the feel of a dogs thick fur between my fingers
the power of my muscles ( but not so much the ache afterwards)

I <3 reading the paper because I can skip all the depressing "city" stories that do not apply to me.
reading detective novels, massage manuals, and canoe construction books
not having to read instructions, because mostly I can figure it out
seeing beneath weak anti God arguments for what they are: fear of truth

I luv being a man, with an axe and a chainsaw and a four wheel drive,
eating way to much good food, watching a movie
I enjoy not pretending, just being.

I truly love these moments with you, the computer, my coffee
and the brightness of a brand new day .

( must sign off now, sounding too much like Barney.)

Friday, August 17, 2007


this just in:

I won a photo contest, so my daughter and her friend will be on the cover of the
SHAR music catalog this fall.
and we get a small gift certificate.
now I have to find that picture.

Hannah, you are almost famous.
and always beautiful, inside and out!

Thursday, August 16, 2007

go see my mental health blog

I have a new place to call MY home.
For a picture of the new place, Interior,
click here

the Kayak (kit ) will go on my Christmas wish list....
ya never know????

Monday, August 13, 2007

just the way it should be

a boy fishing just before sunset.
copyright, D. Schmidt
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Friday, August 10, 2007

20 days to new habitat

I should be excited.
something new
leave all this current load of "stuff"
and go make a new home for myself and Hannah.

But the MOVING, Arrrgggg!

oh well,
pray I get god deal on a nice place near to my mom,
and that our transition there goes smoothly.

in "canning" news, I made a big batch of dill pickles,
more peach jam and a new mango- spiced peach blend.
I have sweets, just no where to eat them, yet.

Wednesday, August 08, 2007

'Roid rage

I think that is close to what teachers in my community make per year.
bu then they have that great vacation schedule
and the joy of working with youth
and such beautiful surroundings
( outside the aging classrooms)
they had to fight this year for a raise
I am glad they have a contract, and glad my kids get a decent education.

who else makes $43,287.00?
an unremarkable ball player who hits lots of home runs but
teaches nothing about team work, or responsibility, or fairness.
One who will need to hide behind his lawyers for the rest of his days.

One small man, a Giant, if you will, makes $43,287 today,
and every day this year,
even when he is on vacation.
yes, there IS something wrong with that.

Tuesday, August 07, 2007

pulling stumps, seeing the doctor

I am clearing a lot for a new home ( due in 6 weeks)
and using my ancient TRUCK to grab hold of the stumps and rip them out of the ground.
it is a 1969 Dodge crew cab 4x4
heavy, lots of low end power, SLOW and geared low.
it pulls like crazy, and the stumps fly out of the ground.

it is a guy thing, I know.

One thing that is NOT a guy thing is going to see the Dr. for a checkup.
I went because I really wanted/ needed a prescription ( actually two)
and since I was there I fessed up that I had not had an exam in more than a decade
and his eyes lit up, he was talking prostate, colon, oh Boy!

I set the rules, no one needs to worry about my prostate, it is fine.
He said colonoscopy, i told him I have a digital camera and a garden hose
and I will pass on any thing more technical ( he laughed).

we are doing a (blood where it should not be) test.
the details of that are not bloggable.
for two days I get no red meat, lots of veggies and bran.
Yikes! who really wants this much news about my insides.
a few people will be glad that I am thinking abot my health.
most of them do not read this blog.

Today I started on Concerta for my ADD.
21 days to a new rental situation, and my fertile brain is coming up with good options/ alternatives ( living in the OLD truck is not one of them)
Living in a tree is.... hehe

ten for tuesday

the color of tuesday morning is green,
like the fresh oregano waiting to be added to the herb garden.

the flavor of this morning is rasberry tea, hot with wild honey

the smell of this fine morning is mint, also destined for the herb garden

texture this morning is wool carpet under bare feet ( i almost typed bear feet! hehe)

the attitude is "not a statistic" go get help with your insanity

the inspiration of the day is people who have adversity, but follow God and make a good life, counting it a blessing to raise wise children, for they are the future.

the humor for the day is provided by an unnamed atheist, who objects to hearing "God bless you" when she sneezes. to her I say 'Zeus watch over you!' funny how people will pick a fight over stuff like that. why not just ask God if he is real, and to reveal himself to you?

Sunday, August 05, 2007

cooking peach preserves

when you have 20 minutes to "burn" in between batches of freestone peaches
that you are canning ( or jarring)

Blog, of course.

what a WEEKEND!
Thursday dinner out with my mom, and daughter and special friend.
La Montana: muy delicioso, chile relleno - and then choco cake ( ouch!)

Friday night progressive dinner with the church folks:
yummy appetizers, THEN prime rib of beef, perfectly done
and dessert at the pastor's house ( ouch ouch!)

Saturday - live jazz in the park,
snacky rolled up vegan sushi and some wraps.
Walk the dog to get some exercise.

(Saturday am was when I got the new move out date of 9-1)
haha I laugh at adversity!!!

church and morning feast: we do this every week!
( book of acts style)
lazy afternoon reading
dinner by the lake at sunset,
my tummy hurts again,
when will i ever learn?

no soon I hope

it was a fine four day birthday bash
too much happiness to relate in a single post
now to the serious hustle of the month ahead.

buut first back to the hot stove ( its 10:25 pm)
I am happy

it's summer time and the livin' is


Saturday, August 04, 2007

posting out of habit

off to a concert in the park
and yet another birthday celebration for me.

Today's "difficult to digest" news :


( lots of bad words deleted)

happy to be alive
even though life is less challenging for the room temperature crowd.

Friday, August 03, 2007

I ate too much and lived to tell,

here are 52 things:

side lighting marigolds is the best, how does God do that every day!

back lighting new oak leaves makes them appear liquid

skin is the most amazing sensory organ, even my typing fingers agree.

wood is the most abundant of construction materials other than mud
( a nod to the elbonian engineers)

I have not three, but at least six saws.

when I want disgusting heat and crowds they are only an hours drive away

blogging in your underwear is over-rated. Too confining

I survived my birthday dinner with only minor swelling

it was swell

when was the last time you used 'swell' as an adjective?

birds are my last pet, until i get more zoo space

seems silly to have caged birds when the wild ones come right up to the window

when I took the time I could handle my pet birds, so I guess there is a difference

you can have a break, I think you are halfway through.....

back already? good!

if you understand light, please explainit to me, I am in wonderment

why did the young scrub jay hop right up to me yesterday and allow mw to talk to it?

flowers have no time to complain, they are busy being naturally beautiful

I missed my dentist appt. yesterday, I was 11 days early, hehe

any one left out there who doubts my insanity?

for those two I will go on:

I work with electric circuits HOT because there is NOthING like 110v scampering across your skin.
I taught my sons to do the same, as I must leave weird legacies

(more because you soak up this stuff :-)

the hum of a computer fan draws me like a moth to a flame

i still have no prescription, which means i am still blogging.

If I get "well" and stop blogging is that a cure that I can tolerate?

number 1 son has fixed my computer, it is only 5 hours away.

that means I could be back in time for more of michele's meet-n-greet.

i am almost tolerating a laptop's different keyboard

but I think I still like the one that sits on a desk

could you imagine me with a portable computer?

tomorrow is a big day for a good friend's family

clear cool weather in August would be nice for an outdoor event

I really need more work time and less "down time"

who EVER says THAT?????

i also could use a lottery win

I have more plans than HGTV..... hehe

I am going to a "progressive dinner" at our church tonight

I hope that is not what they now call "Liberal dinners"

I will eat conservatively, no matter what

enough about me, lets talk about my pets:

Mango is a love bird with no spouse

Beautiful is half of two parakeets I received from my good friends

the other parakeet did not make it

I do not mourn lost birds, or hamsters

I still miss my cat Patches

and double that my dog, Chipper

( evening break)

more later - as access permits

for now I am able to post, and read YOU ( if you comment)

shalom is the perfect word, it says it all

Wednesday, August 01, 2007

this is Getting old

I will be away from the internet,
celebrating LIFE ( mine)
and getting dental work done.
and then
if my teeth are up for it
a yummy dinner somewhere swanky.

God bless you all.
Thank you for your well wishes!

--------- Bummer #1:
Now I have NO internet at the house.

----- Bummer #2
and a potential rental house that I wanted is NOT
working out, so i will need to house hunt for something before Oct 1,
wish me luck, or a divine intervention (miracle).

in post translator: bummer= something bad that happened
( for those under thirty nine)